Real Education - Batam, Indonesia

At REAL we offer a multitude of courses that are specially tailored to cope with the demands of the international job market today.


This is the first and only course offered in Batam Island. It is a regular English course where you end up with an international certification from London England. Preparation for the course is four to six months and at any time you can take the test if you feel you are prepared and ready to obtain your international certification. This course is only offered in Singapore but now at your doorstep in Batam Island is your way to a certificate internationally recognized and accredited by LCCI .It cost a meager US $50.00 to sit the test and within four to six weeks you will know the results of your hard work Under LCCI you can opt for Business English, Marketing, Bookkeeping and Accounting and these are all subject that opens doors for employment in the international platform.

Junior English Tests and Senior English Tests (JETSET)

ESOL International qualifications are intended for candidates who are not native speakers of English and who wish to achieve a high quality, internationally recognised qualification in English that is available and recognised world-wide. The JETSET (Junior English Tests and Senior English Tests) ESOL International Qualifications are skills based English language qualifications that have been designed to develop and assess a candidate’s ability to communicate in English.

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Qualifications (LCCIIQ) have been offered globally for over 100 years and have a reputation as relevant and fit for purpose in the international business market.

The qualifications are accredited and recognised by an increasing number of governments, higher education institutions and employers across the world.

LCCI International qualifications are offered at a variety of levels to enable progression routes for students from introductory level through to University and to a Professional level, which offers exemptions with professional bodies. Each year over 200,000 candidates choose LCCI International Qualifications to further their academic and professional career.


Real Education Singapore has opened Diploma and Cerificate programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Batam since 16th August 2008.This program is geared towards fulfilling the increasing demand for highly skilled and qualified employees who are able to provide quality and consistent customer service across a number of sectors within the industry. It has been estimate by the World Tourism Organisation that around one job in ten depends upon tourism, which includes holiday makers and business visitors.  Our programme is designed in consultation with the tourism and hospitality and taught by expert working in the field.  This makes the course more course based on the philosophy that commitment to excellence and holistic education are essential for people who plan to succeed in the highly competitive tourism and hospitality industry.  Base on a modular system of delivery of the program.  Students can join the program at the commencement of a module and complete the cycle at any time permits.

Being groomed to handle most positions, graduates can choose to work in virtually any service sector, from leisure to hospitality and recreation.  Many will find employment with tourism organisations, hotels, clubs, resorts, airlines, tour operations, retail and leisure attractions as well as business dealing with food services, cruises, event management, entertainment promotion and exhibitions and conventions.

The course is designed to improve speaking , reading, writing, listening and speaking in the English Language and develops the self confidence of the student. At the end of the day the course provides our students with attractive options to:


  • Seek employment not only in Batam island but all neighboring countries like Singapore ,Malaysia, The Phillipines and Thailand
  • Progress to obtain higher degrees from internationally recognized institutions such as Australia, UK ,USA, and New Zealand
  • In addition 82% of the graduates from the first intake of the Diploma program have gained employment in very prestigious and respectable organizations such as Changi International Airports, The Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel ,Sentosa and Genting upon graduation


1 You get to save money

Every student who takes a Program in REAL Education Batam saves a lot more.For the Indonesian student it is cost efficient as living cost in Batam is cheaper than Singapore and saves approximately RP120,000,000 per year.

Teachers are equally competent and if you don’t have a sound command of the English Language REAL provides a foundation English course as a prelude to the course


The course when completed earns the student an international certification and there opens a new chapter, a new door to the road of success when graduates can apply globally in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and just a ferry ride away in Singapore is the opportunity to earn the a handsome amount as well as assists graduates of the course to seek employment in Singapore


From January 2008 REAL introduces the playgroup session for children from 2years to 4 years.This is to facilitate parents with young children who want to go to work and yet find they can safely leave them at REAL to be nutured and cared for with the seeds of education planted at a very tender age.It operates form 7.30 a.m. to 9.30a.m and maids can pick them up when they finish at the play group. In Batam Island 46 new born babies come into the world daily and the curriculum such as introduction to zoo animals colours and counting is certainly an excellent way to till the soil and cultivate the minds of these young ones to direct them toward REAL EDUCATION .

We have the skills the equipment the environment-come to REAL and get Really educated.